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Yagi High Gain Antenna


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Yagi High Gain Antenna

The WB High gain antenna will help capture strong input signals from the mobile base station into the repeater and can work perfectly with all networks worldwide 800/900/1800/2100/2600Mhz  2g/3g/4g voice and data and well compatible with all our Wave Boosters kits.

The WB High gain antenna is an outdoor directional antenna with a capturing power of 12/14db twice stronger than an average antenna which comes with an average power of 6/7dbi. The WB High gain antenna like all our antennas is also very reliable as an optional kit.

This accessory works through capturing and improving strong input signals even in the work signal area by aiming at the mobile phone base station. This signal is then transmitted to the base unit (Mobile booster) which is then distributed through the indoor panel or Omni antennas for better overall results.

The WB- High Gain antenna come with the mounting kits that will help you install the antenna on the roof, or attach it to a pole. When installing please ensure it is not pointed directly at the mobile phone base station (mast), but a few degrees away from the Mast or a general direction of the mast to avoid interference

For easy-mount, we recommend you purchase our Yagi Mounting bracket in our accessory page.


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