Waveboosters Ireland have over 10 years of comprehensive experience in the field of mobile phone signal improvement.  Be it in Commercial, Business and High-end buildings, we are the number one experts when it comes to mobile phone signal solutions.  Our expertise includes signal enhancement in hotels, hospitals, universities, colleges and in properties as high as 50 storeys or more.

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What Are The Reasons For Poor Mobile Phone Signal.

There are many reasons for poor cell phone signals, but there are two distinct explanations as to why people experience poor cell phone signal coverage.

The first is due to weak outdoor signal caused by the building’s location being too far from the network base station.  Furthermore, the type of materials used in the construction of the building and third, the insulations, thickness of walls, reinforced steel in the wall and concrete slab among other things.

Many buildings are designed in a way that the construction materials act as a Faraday cage which then impedes mobile phone signal from passing through.

How It Works

In most cases a survey of the intended dwelling will be required.  This will allow us to quote on a more accurate solution.  It consists of one of our surveyors or engineers to visit your property.  On this particular occasion they will measure the signal strength and assess the floor plans & structural design of the building.

Our Boosters can improve Mobile Phones Signal in.