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Why Does Your Mobile Phone Keep Dropping Calls & Experience Slow data?


In the era in which we live, excellent mobile phone signal coverage is paramount. Just imagine the amount of transactions we spend our time doing on our mobile phones on a day to day basis without even realising it?  We’ve simply come to a point in our lives where we simply take our mobile phones for granted until we have no signal.  Most importantly, if we need to login to our online banking apps for a quick transaction but we just can’t get any form of connectivity this is when we realise the essence of strong mobile phone signal.For some on a holiday, snapping HD pictures or videos to share live on social media with loved ones will very quickly understand the frustration of slow uploads due to poor data connectivity. The same will apply if phone calls drop or if the communication keeps on breaking several times during a conversation.


There’s nothing more irritating than being on a mobile phone call just to drop in the middle of a very important conversation. Perhaps it’s not always an essential chat, but at other times you’re waiting for the phone to reconnect and moving around looking for the best spot to have a better connection.


Fortunately, the cause of poor mobile phone signals are quite limited and there is a solution. Your building distance location from the mobile tower is one of the most common reasons.  The next few things to keep in mind are:  structural barriers in your local area, or mobile phone hardwares or softwares may also cause low signal connectivity. In this blog, we shall discuss all these reasons and how to remedy them.


                   Remote Location From Your Closest Network Tower / Mast

The Challenge

Stranded in a remote area. There are no mobile phone signal bars on your cell phone. You’re moving around to look for mobile signals, but nothing.


The Logical Explanation

Failed connectivity to mobile phone netorktowers/masts happen for the following reasons.

Incorrectly oriented cellular towers and physical sites obstructing mobile signals are caused by certain various factors. In remote regions, because there are fewer cell towers, there are vast areas of dead mobile phone signal spots.

Furthermore, certain places may be dead areas due to hills, mountains, forests or huge structures that act as obstructions to the proper transmission and travel of mobile phone signals. Dead areas in locations such as subways, basements and garages are often found underneath.


The Resolution

It may appear to be a real challenge since you’re limited based on where your location can be at that point and time, but we believe that we have the answer. Sometimes going out or out of the subway can be helpful. Sometimes you can glance about in the local surroundings and move past a huge structure, mountain or tree to give your mobile phone ample signal.

However, if the signal is regularly weak in a certain region, our vehicle signal booster can help you to resolve the situation. If you live or work outside of a building in an area that has no signals, then we would ask you to give us a call so that we can assist you with a customisable outdoor signal booster kit.